bookr allows students and teachers to create online photobooks using flickr photos.  Since flickr is blocked to students in our district, it will need to be used more as a teacher tool. 

Teachers may want to use bookr to model writing.  After reading a picture book; such as "Fortunately Unfortunately," you can write your own version of the book then show it to students during a writing lesson.  Students then would write their versions of the book.

Do like for your students to use graphic organizers and webbing, but don't have Inspiration software.  Then us 

Promethean Resources

Interactive website links:  various activities including number line, multiplication fact, etc.  coordinate planes  factors  Understanding Interest/Banking
When finished watching this video use the Activexpressions to take the Brainpop Quiz.  Leave the Brainpop webpage up on the screen; then open Activinspire.  Activate the Activepressions poll and minimize the software on Activinspire.  Start the Brainpop Quiz and let students choose answers with the Activexpressions.  shapes, angles, measurement