In the fall of 2009, Prosperity 6th grade became Technology Rich Classrooms or TRC. We would like to express our thanks to KSDE and Altec for providing us with grant funding and professional staff development.

About Us

Prosperity TRC is made up of five 6th grade teachers, 1 technology facilitator, and the building principle.  Our team includes the following:  Nancy Johnson-6th grade Language Arts teacher, Brenda Dunning-6th grade Language Arts Teacher, Tanya Ketchum-6th grade Math/Science Teacher, Stacie Lewis-6th grade Math/Science Teacher, Tim Harris-6th grade Math/Science Teacher, Tammy Gilley-Technology Facilitator, and Randy Doerksen-Building Principal. 

The goal of the team is to provide an engaging technology rich education for all students while meeting individual student needs and teaching state standards.

The tools that we work with follow:  1 Promethean Board for each classroom, a set of 6 ipods, 1 digital camera and 1 flip camera for each classroom, 1 Promethean Activislate for the team and 2 sets of Actiexpressions for the team, three classrooms have a 1 to 1 computer student ratio, and tw0 classrooms have a 2 to 1 student computer ratio. In addition, each classroom has two stand-a-lone computer stations at the back of each room.