Learning to Use Moodle

One huge learning curve for us this year is learning how to use Moodle.  On this page we hope to share some of our learning experiences.

Uploading a File to Moodle

To upload a file to Moodle, first, log in and turn the editing button on. Now,  go to the left side of the page and click on file. You will see a box that says upload file-click that button.  Then you will get a dialogue box that comes up that says browse.  Click the browse button.  Find the file on you computer; then select choose at the bottom of the page.  The file will appear in the browse box, now click upload under the box.  Go back to you Moodle page you are working on, go to add a resource and pull down the arrow to add a link or file.  On the next screen, put in a title, scroll down and click choose or upload a file.  Your files that you uploaded will appear in a list.  Click the little box to the left of the file you want to put on your Moodle page and click the word choose on the right hand side of the file.  Choose new window, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on display and save.  Now your file will be uploaded to your Moodle page.  When you click on it, it should appear in a new window.

Uploading a Link to Moodle

To link a webpage to your Moodle page turn editing on and go to add a resource and pull down the add a link or file button. In the new window, add a title, scroll down and in the box that says "Location" paste in the URL link.  Scroll down a little more and choose new window.  Then scroll to the bottom and choose save and display.  You have just loaded a link to a website onto your Moodle page.